Monthly Archives: October 2010

“Night of the Living Trekkies”

The season of Halloween is upon us, this year I opted to make an attempt to read at least one book during the season that was in line with the spirit of the season. The first such book that I chose for this year’s October reading is Night of the Living Trekkies. The main premise [...]

“The Lensman Saga” auction

I was just able to win an auction of six books of the Lensman Saga. This is the first six books of the series ad make up an over-arching story across the books, there’s a seventh book, but it is merely based in the universe and apparently has little to do with the story in [...]

“The Burning Heart of Night”

The Burning Heart of Night is the second (and at this point final) novel from Ivan Cat. It was released in July 2002 and was published by DAW.  I personally had been a fan of Cat’s since his first novel The Eyes of Light and Darkness came out in 1996 and had been meaning to [...]

Null Partition

Several years ago I purchased the domain name During that time I have come up with a variety of different ideas for what I desired the site to be. A vast majority of them have never seen the light of day. However I’ve decided to make a return to the world of blogging. At [...]