Reading Good With Contests

Most of my readers should be aware of the fact that I am a member of the website goodreads. I’m quite a fan of the site, and sometimes tread into the areas that don’t deal directly with tracking the books I’ve read, am currently reading, or plan to possibly read in the future. If you are not aware of that and are actually on my site, instead of say an RSS reader, you can easily find my goodreads account by looking on the right side of my page where you should find a “Currently Reading” widget that should direct you to my goodreads profile.

One of the functions of the site which I haven’t utilized much is the giveaway section of the site. This is a nice area of the site where books are given away by publishers, authors, and perhaps other authorized entities via the goodreads site. Sometimes there’s only one copy available, other times there are many. Since starting to use this service in January of this year I have entered into the giveaways for about five books, though I’ve rescinded my entry in a few, thusly only having seen three to the conclusion of the giveaway period.  Those that follow me elsewhere should know what’s coming next, and those that don’t have probably already gleaned from my statements so far as to the next part.

Recently I’ve actually won one of these giveaways, they had proclaimed that it would take to about 4-6 weeks for delivery, however as I walked out of my apt on my way off to work this morning, I discovered a small brown package outside of my door. It contained the book I won in the giveaway bearing the fancy mark on the cover of “Uncorrected Advance Reading Copy – Not for Sale”, of which I posted a picture of on my picasa and linked on my facebook and twitter earlier today. The book itself is due out in the US in May, but has been out in the UK since September so one could find plenty of information about it, I’m sure.  However since it’s an advanced copy I’m going to make reading it a priority, which means a further delay in the Feist book I’ve been taking a break from, as well as a break from Terry Pratchett’s Sourcery which I had just started last night and hoped to complete before the weekend.

Since it’s a special situation overall, I plan to actually post a review about this book after reading, maybe breathe some life back into this ailing blog.

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