Living Month to Month

I’ll admit that so far I’ve proven to be a poor blogger, I’ve had several blogs that all eventually devolve into archaic visages of posts long past. Perhaps there’s something that will change that, I can’t say.

Regardless lets get to the point. This year started off with a great bout of depression and awkward anxiety regarding the infamous mile marker of life known as “30″. It proved as a moniker of a large variety of failed goals and limited achievement in life. However since the dawning of the new decade of my life in early March I’ve been living in a more positive light than I have in a while. I’ve actually been losing some weight (something that I recently stalled on, but will be picking up again today.) I’ve also taken a more serious look towards my own personal style, and have recently started doing a more traditional style of shave (utilizing a mug, soap, a brush, and a safety razor). All in all things seem to be going well.

Today I came up with an idea (I’ll admit not an original idea.) of trying to learn a new skill/ability/hobby/whatever every month, devote an entire month to trying to create an ability that didn’t exist previous. Of course the issue becomes where to start, and at this point I’ve no idea what I should attempt to devote this month to. Perhaps I should focus on continuing my upward trend of breaking bad habits, or more correctly put, creating good habits and leaving behind the lazy bum that existed throughout my 20′s. We’ll see what comes about and perhaps I’ll keep what readership I have apprised of my eventual attempts. It’s almost tempting to just say that I’ll devote this month to mastering the art of the Wet Shave, but that just seems like a simple cop out to something I’ve already intended on doing anyway. I am of course open to any suggestions anyone may have, so feel free to comment away with any ideas you may have.

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