The Downward Spiral

So, I’ve been giving some debate as to when to get into certain subjects into a more public light, as I’ve kept a few things on the down low. Admittedly I’m not sure that I can really call my blog the “public light” even for myself, since my usual avenues of communication tend to rely on Twitter, Facebook, AIM, or a few rare internet forums. Regardless of that I’ve decided to write a post about something that I’ve been attempting to do (with varying degrees of success) since March.

Lose Weight.

I suppose I should make some background notes about my hefty history, the lightest I can remember being is 180 lbs, this was back in middle school and I was about 4’9″ (give or take) at the time.  Admittedly through my growth spurt period and early high school years I tended to remain at that weight, but by the end of high school I had hit what I figured was going to be my all time high of 220 lbs. I did lose a bit of that weight during my short stint in college, however in the years following my weight fluctuated and eventually started a steady climb until I ended up somewhere in the 260 lbs range. In 2007 I had started a slight attempt to make some changes in my diet, starting a slow change away from soda into water or at least drinks I perceived as healthier than soda (some of which was incorrect). However January 2009 indicate a big turning point for how I viewed my diet and I ended up working harder to adjust the diet, eventually getting to a point where I was hovering around 230 – 235 lbs, which is where I was at come March 2011.

In March I decided that 30 years of doing little to remove the big stomach that plagued me the effective entirety of my life was too long, and opted to start a more active attempt to lower down my weight. I started a new diet and exercise plan that was relatively strict and lasted a little over  a month  and a half (slightly long than the plan itself had originally indicated.) Since that point I’ve had varying degrees of success of keeping it up, and am currently trying to get back into the exercise habit developed through March-April. However I will say that I started the plan at around 234 lbs, and as of this morning am currently at 209 lbs, so yay for that.

One of the big things of the plan is the diet, I’ve heard told a lot of times that 90% of weight loss is your diet, so I’ve chosen to focus the rest of this post on what I try to maintain for my diet. I’ll start off by saying that I try to keep the only beverages I drink to either Water or Unsweetened Iced Tea (Decaf at home, but it has become my beverage of choice while out, so I probably get some caffeine there). As for my meals it tends to break down in this way.

Breakfast is usually 2 eggs scrambled and 2-3 pieces of bacon, though with my recent return to the diet I’ve opted to try to cut out the bacon.

Lunch tends to be a steak ‘salad’ I make at home. I say ‘salad’ because I started turning it into a sautee or stir fry (not sure what the appropriate term would be). What I do is I take a small steak, cut it up and season it, take four baby carrots, cut them out, two handfuls of spinach leaves and rip them up, and one handful of frozen broccoli. I toss the steak into a frying pan once it seems to be cooking decently I toss on the broccoli, after a few minutes I toss on the carrots and spinach and then put it all into a small rubbermaid(ish) container, and also usually toss it straight into the fridge for a short cool-down period (or to keep good until the next day, depending on when I make it.) It proves to be a decently tasty lunch, though I’ll admit it takes a little longer for me to make than I would like.

Dinner is typically consists of a piece of chicken (boneless, skinless) and some vegetables (current asparagus and some mixed vegetables from a can). Nothing exquisite but it keeps me from getting hungry.

I also usually top off the day with a multi-vitamin supplement to help ensure that I’m getting the appropriate vitamins and minerals and such that my body needs.

As far as the exercise habits, I tend to stick to body weight exercises, they prove to be effective and more importantly don’t require expensive equipment or gym memberships to perform, perhaps I may give some details about these in a future post if there’s any interest.

Feel free to comment with any questions or comments as always, I’ll try to keep everyone up to date as to how I’m doing with my progress to attempt to thin down and get healthier.

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