My Android Dreams of Electric Sheep

Just writing a short blog post this time, I had promised updates for whatever creative endeavours I attempt these days. This weekend I had an idea, and decided to start a project to create my own custom boot animation for my phone. After spending several hours of “creating” (mostly just a lot of modifying other pictures and connecting them together) and creating the individual frames for the animation I came up with a boot animation. The interesting aspect is that for Android phones the boot animation is a uncompressed zip file that contains a series of png files in seperate folders. Each png represents one frame. There’s also a text file that indicates what the fps is, and how many times to loop the various directories. This allows one to create a nice animation that will do an opening animation, and then loop a part at the end (if one so desires) until the phone finally loads.

Since this was just for my own fun, I wasn’t too concerned with it look flashy or fancy, I just wanted to get something that effectively met my basic concept. I feel I succeeded decently with this. If you are interested in what the animation looks like, I created an animated gif (it’s a big large so be patient if it takes a while to load) which you can see here. Also if you would like to see it in action I’ve got a youtube video of the boot animation (poor quality sadly) up here.

Feel free to let me know what everyone thinks.

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