The Leveling List

So I’ve fallen pretty hard since my last posts, having gotten to a point that’s effectively square one, well almost. My weight is back up to where it was in March before I started trying to do the weight loss thing, and my motivation took a major dive. I’d like to toss around excuses and blame but I believe it all happened because I allowed myself to become complacent after having entered into what thus far appears to be a successful long term relationship, sadly sometimes there’s downside to having an ever accepting girlfriend in that sometimes you allow yourself to fall hard back into old habits that you’ve been slowly working hard to crawl away from.

While it might be fun and sometimes entertaining to blame the girlfriend for making me fat and complacent again the blame can only lie upon my shoulders, and so I accept that blame…just don’t tell her that.

In my attempts to try to get back into my healthy habits that I was attempting to develop I’ve opted to not jump back into the weight loss plan I had utilized before, while it was good and did help greatly it was only designed to work for 30 days and not necessarily for the long term, so I returned to the site where I had first heard of this information, Nerd Fitness. most of the stuff on the site I was already aware of, having read it previously in the year. There is one bit that I quite like that I’m thinking about trying to emulate, and that’s a sort of Epic Quest Leveling system that he uses. Based off of various RPG games out there he has a set of items, or quests, that he desires to do and each time he completes one he gains 20% experience towards his next level. While his list is certainly quite Epic, a majority of it is not things that I have any interest in. Admittedly it has a lot in common with those bucket lists that have become so popular these days, though it’s not intended to be something to do before one dies, instead it’s a list of things to perhaps improve oneself over the course of ‘leveling up’.

So I ask you dear readers, what little may exist out upon the wild plains of the interwebs, what suggestions do you have for my list?

Edit: Forgot to include a link to the list on NerdFitness for everyone Nerd Fitness: My Epic Quest

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