Tired Shoes

I tend to be a one pair of shoes kind of guy, I buy a pair of all black shoes that can look presentable in a number of different situations, as well as provide a decent amount of comfort during their life, or at least that’s the plan. Sadly my short wide feet cause problems with my shoe purchasing, where I’ve been needing to buy a shoe size that’s at least 1.5 sizes longer than I need, and even then I need to get them in extra width. Back in April I had to replace my Wolverine iCS Lace to Toe Oxfrd shoes, they had lasted me a good 1.5 years at this point and had proven to be amazingly comfortable, and I loved the iCS technology (customizable support from the insert, done by an adjustable plastic/rubber plate in the heel). However when the time came to upgrade I was unable to locate the iCS selection of shoes (they still have them available but at the time it had been impossible to find) so I was sadly unable to replace with the same model of shoe (they currently do not offer the same shoe I had, sadly). I decided that I wanted to go back down to my old usual pricing of shoe since the more expensive Wolverine didn’t provide me with any abundance of added time with the shoe.

Thus back in April I purchased a pair of Michelin (yes that Michelin…vroom vroom) Remedy EVA SR Oxford Shoes. From the get go these shoes proved to be a poor purchase, as my feet began to hurt quickly while walking, considering that these were shoes aimed at markets of people on their feet all day I had found this a quite surprising aspect. Now here we are, around six months after my purchase and yesterday I noticed that one of the shoes was already starting to fall apart, and more interestingly not in the usual spot (I blame most of my shoe deaths on my fancy wide feet causing the sides to eventually give up their fight). This is what I found.

Not fun, so last night I ordered a new pair of shoes that I hope will arrive quickly. I’ve opted to try out New Balance this time, as it seems that everyone and their mother has suggested that brand to me when I mention my overly wide feet.  As for the other brands in here, I’d definitely recommend Wolverine shoes they were comfortable and had decent durability, they tend to be on the pricey side, but that can be a downside to quality. I would suggest everyone to stay away from Michelin as a shoe brand, while they seem to handle tires pretty decently their shoes do not seem to give them a good name. As for New Balance, we’ll see how it goes, but they certainly have the largest range of sizes especially where width is involved.

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